Who We Are

John Vorster (PI) surveillance camera

The firm, John Vorster (PI), is chaired by Mr J W Vorster in association with other professional security companies.

John Vorster (PI) is an effective team of professional private investigators, that delivers timeous results, as per the service level agreement, based on their clients needs.

J W Vorster

John Vorster (PI) chaired by JW Vorster

John Vorster started his career in 1983 in the SAPS. Through hard work and dedication, he moved up the ranks and when he left their service in 1997, he had reached the rank of Inspector. He successfully investigated numerous criminal cases and was an active member of the VIP Protection Unit as well as the Bomb Disposal Unit. He was also involved in many undercover operations during his employment with the SAPD.

In 2001, John started his own private investigation practice and has established a world wide network with other security agents. He is a registered member of PSIRA (Private Security Industry Regulatory Authority of South Africa no 559556), as well as a member of Info Guys, an international private investigation network.